Huican Zhu, Ph.D

Managing Partner

Dr. Huican Zhu is a Founder and Managing Partner at AMINO Capital. Huican joined Google in 2000 and was responsible for many significant Google researches. He was a pioneer of Google’s image search and the first Senior Chinese Engineer and Senior Manager at Google. From 2010 to 2012, he was Chief Architect and General Manager of Infrastructure at Tencent. Dr. Zhu has received high praise for his excellent computer vision research capability. 

He completed his B.E. degree at Sun Yat-sen University, M.S. degree at National Academy of Science, and PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Huican has a strong academic reputation, and his research results have over 12,000 citations. 

He is currently a board member of Weee, Innogrit, Anchain, Qury, MaxFun, Yiqixie, and Cloudfort, and has over 10 years experience in investing in fast growing companies like AppFolio (NASDAQ: APPF). Dr. Zhu joined UC Santa Barbara Foundation Board of Trustees in 2019, and is a board member of Harker School and president of Zhu Family Foundation. 

“At Google and Tencent, I dived deep into technical research. Venture Capital allows me to be involved in the latest technological developments and view the ecosystem as a whole. It’s captivating.”

“I joined Google in 2000 when there were less than 100 people and left when there were over 100 thousand. I  helped set up Google’s office in Beijing China from scratch. I hope to share these experiences and continue to learn and grow with entrepreneurs.”

“With a focus on technology, strong technical skills in founders are a must. But beyond that, we look for founders who are able to step out of their comfort zone and adapt to the various needs of the company.”

“I love to play tennis. It’s a sport that embodies the spirit of an entrepreneur through continuously challenging your ability to adapt to every ball and every player. It’s also a fun way to meet and converse with a variety of thought-provoking individuals.”

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