Jun Wu, Ph.D

Founding Partner and Advisor

Dr. Jun Wu is a Founding Partner and Advisor at AMINO Capital. Jun Wu joined Google at 2002 as a senior expert and was a major contributor in developing the Google Search Engine for Asian languages, later becoming a pioneer of internet search anti-fraud. He also served as Vice President at Tencent from 2010-2012. Jun Wu completed his PhD degree at Johns Hopkins University in 2002, where he currently sits on the Whiting School of Engineering board of JHU. Dr. Wu has over 10 patents and is the author of six popular best-selling books, including “Silicon Valley”, “The Road of an University”, “On Top of Tides”, “Beauty of Mathematics”, “Civilization” and “Smart Times”. Jun also sits on the board of Citic Press Corporation. For over a decade, Jun has been investing and working closely with the teams at Focused Photonics (SHE: 300203), Grail, Human Longevity, Skycatch, Trustlook, and Orbeus among others.

Press & Media

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