Larry Li

Managing Partner

Larry Li is a Founder and Managing Partner at AMINO Capital. He serves on the boards of String Lab (incubated Dfinity, and Phi), SkuChain, Candy House, Battlefy, etc. and leads investments in companies with success exits or growth, such as Assemblage (acquired by Cisco), Orbeus (acquired by Amazon), Ozlo (acquired by Facebook), Woomoo (acquired by Priceline), Contastic (acquired by Sugar CRM), Mobike (acquired by Meituan), Evertoon (Acquired by Niantic | PokemonGo), Human Longevity Inc, Skycatch, Skuchain, Webflow and Grail. He has backed next generation blockchain protocol since 2014, and led the seed and A round of String Labs, which incubated one the most anticipated ICOs in 2018, DFINITY, and also participated in pre-sales and ICO of DFINITY, NuCypher, Kyber, 0X, Grid+, OmiseGo, which later became known as the first ICO unicorn. Larry also co-founded TAF (invested in ZOOM) in 2010, and currently serves on the board of TEEC.

Larry completed his B.E degree from Tsinghua University, attended Tsinghua Graduate School of Economics and Management in 1987, and completed M.E degree at University of Florida. As a successful investor, Larry also actively gives back to the societies by contributing to many nonprofit communities. He is a founding contributor of Tsinghua 100 Education Fund, Vice Chairman of TEEC North America, and Vice President of Tsinghua Business School Alumni Association at US West. He also serves on the board of UCAHP. Larry is a frequent speaker at international investment conferences, and a mentor for incubator programs, such as StartX at Stanford University. Larry was appointed as the Visiting Professor for Zhejiang University Business School in 2017.

119 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301